Charger Plates & Vinyl

Since it's only February 4th (and I'm snowed in today), I thought it was time to post the last of my Christmas projects.  I have a girlfriend who really wanted to make monogramed chargers for Christmas dinner at her house.  She just flat ran out of time, though, and couldn't get to the project.  (Hmmmm, who among us cannot relate to that - especially at the holidays??  LOL!)  

So, since I knew the style and color scheme she wanted, I made her some as a gift!  Here are the pictures she took for me.  :-)

These were super easy!  Using gold vinyl from my favorite vinyl supplier, Vinyl Ease, I cut R's at 7 3/4 inches from Nursery Rhymes cartridge.  I used transfer paper to easily move the cuts from the mats to the plates.  So simple, and she loved them!

These chargers are acrylic, but any chargers with a smooth surface would work.  Hobby Lobby had them during the holidays, and I've seem them before at Sam's Club.  Amazon doesn't have these exact chargers, but they have many others which would work well.

Happy Crafting!


Anonymous,  February 6, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

Love this idea! Thanks.

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