A Few of My Favorite (Crafting) Things

Doesn't the Sound of Music song about favorite things just make you smile?  Some of my craft stuff does that to me, too.  So, I thought I would start a recurring series of posts focusing on my favorite craft things: both the kind that I go back to over and over (aka the 'staples') and also my new 'crushes.'  Here are the basic electronic staples of my scrapbooking mania: the Cricut Expression & the Gypsy:

I decided to make the investment of the Expression so I could cut down on the amount of pre-made stickers and die-cuts I was buying, and so that those I made were more tailored to my project!  The investment has more than paid for itself many times over.  :-)  I recommend this size machine because you can do both large and small projects with it.  I started with a Cricut Create (to be featured in my 'honorable mentions blog post later), but I outgrew it really quickly.  If you have already been struck by the scrapping or paper crafting bug, save yourself some money and start with the Expression!  You can find them at really great prices now, with lots of goodies bundled with it.  My favorited & most trusted online seller is Amazon:

Now, the Gypsy was definitely more of an impulse purchase.  I researched it a lot, but still wasn't sure that I "needed" it or that it would be any different that Provo Craft's Design Studio.  Boy, was I wrong on both counts!  With the Gypsy, I now design a lot more and I use many more cartridges in my designs.  I can also design soooo much faster (so much faster that sometimes I feel a little short changed - like wow is that done already?)  Gypsy is also much more useful to me than Design Studio - I have to have the layering feature!  There are some incredible deals on the Gypsys right now, too!  You can easily get them from reputable sellers for under $200, and often with extra cartridges and other accessories.  Even better, if you buy and register a Gypsy before October 31, on November 1st you will automatically be able to download 6 extra cartridges FREE from Provo Craft!  What a deal!  See their website for more information, and maybe buy yourself an early Christmas present (or a 'hey - I just got through Monday' present).  :-D  

There are also a few honorable mentions in my electronic scrapping collection, and I will post those another day.  Happy Monday!


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